Maximise Your Return On Investment Effortlessly

Nasma Luxury Stays offers hassle-free end-to-end property management

Higher Revenue 

End-to-End Property Management

Proactive Property Protection

We offer an end-to-end service to property owners, wherein we manage each property and lease it out on a short-term basis enabling the best return on investment.

Join an Ultra Luxury Property Portfolio 

Earn 30–50% Higher Revenue Today

Maximise Your Return on Investment in 6 Easy Steps

Step 2: Schedule Property Review

Access Your Property Anytime

Short term rent allows you the freedom of using your property anytime you want. Just block the dates in your calendar and enjoy the Nasma experience.

Get Monthly Payments
We ensure that you receive a monthly rental income by the 15th of each month. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of your revenue, as well as the occupancy rates of your property.

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Access Your Property Anytime


Property investments often bring a set of hidden challenges, from achieving a return on investment to maintenance costs and occupancy gaps. Nasma Luxury Stays manages the entire process for you with full transparency.  Our luxury experience extends from property owners to high-profile guests.  With full-fledged services, we take away the hassle from the renting process. 

Nasma’s end-to-end property management include:

Protect your Property

We will always keep your property maintained to the highest standards.

Maximize Your Return On Investment Today

A photo shoot will be organized, ready to create your property profile to go online.

Access Your Property Anytime

Step 1: Get In touch

Fill in the form or call the Nasma team for free property valuation.

Meet the team that will help identify your rental income expectations.

Step 3: Sign the contract

Formalise the process with duly signed contracts.

Step 4: Organise a Photoshoot

Create your online property profile through our professional photoshoot service.

Step 5: List your Property

Reach VIP guests around the globe by listing your property with us.

Step 6: Assess your ROI

> Interior Design

> Property Management

> Demonstrated Transparency

> Monthly Utility Bills Management

Sit back and enjoy monthly rental payments straight into your bank account.

> Comprehensive Marketing

> Flexible Access